The concept
Our goal: delivering healthy food

"Let your food be your first medecine »

This citation of Hippocrate is our first motivation. Our goal is to encourage people to eat healthier.

Delivery of baskets containing organic fruits and vegetables in Luxembourg

We aim to facilitate the access to organic food to everybody. Therefore we deliver fresh organic fruits and vegetables to your home or to your working place.

Companies and particulars can choose between our selection of baskets:

  • Energy basket: exclusively fruits
  • Vegetarian basket: exclusively vegetables
  • 1/2 balance basket: fruits and vegetables
  • Balance basket: 1 energy basket + 1 vegetarian basket

Our consigned baskets are made of cardboard and contain between 4 to 6 Kg organic fruits and/or vegetables.

How it works? It's simple:

  • we deliver according to your desire
  • you define your taste preferences
  • Vos préférences gustatives définies
  • you receive a technical sheet (recipe, information about the products, specific communication)
  • you can order online

You have the possibility to customize your basket by telling us what are your preferences and also taste aversion. So there will be no waste.

Why should you eat organic and seasonal food?

Eating organic food is good for you and good for the planet. These products respect the environment, the health of the people and animals.
Organical agriculture works in harmony with nature: it preserves the natural ressources and biodiversity of the planet and limits greenhouse gas. Furthermore, many jobs are created in rural areas and the farmers health is protected by avoiding pesticides.

People eating organic food re-discover the taste of fruits and vegetables. Their food habits change, is more various, more nutritious thanks for instance to ancient vegetables. Furthermore, it is established that organic and seasonal food contains more antioxidants and less heavy metals. So it’s better for our health.

Eating according to the season means also respecting nature and what nature proposes: nature offers the good products the right time. In winter, the products are rich in minerals and vitamin C which are necessary to our body for fighting cold and fatigue. During the summer, our body needs less calories but more water, that’s why fruits and vegetables are plenty of water. Furthermore all the organic products eaten at the right season have more taste.

For Le chat biotté, our environment, your well-being and the well-being of the farmer are important. So we propose only seasonal organic products, which are produced as near as possible.

For instance we collaborate with farmers of the Great Region, selected for their implication and their believe in healthy as well as Human- and Environment-friendly food.

Our team at your service

Le Chat biotté is:
  •  a permanent exchange with our customers (mail, phone)
  • a customized following: adapted subscription, composition of the basket week after week
  • health advices in nutrition and food supplements
  • deliveries (means more time for you)
  • organic, healthy and delicious products
  • transparency concerning all our services and products

  • Françoise

    Sales, Manager

  • Mireille

    Purchasing, invoicing

  • Larbi

    Delivery, storekeeper

  • Ahmed

Delivery, storekeeper

  • Audrey

    Administration, sales assistant

  • Nicolas Di Betta Madert