Our activities and conferences

Our primary goal being to encourage people to eat healthy, we propose to share our knowledge on this vast subject around cooking classes or during conferences.

Our cooking classes: Entertaining and rewarding Team Building

Do you want to unite your employees around a fun, pleasant and flavorful activity? The cooking class around plant-based recipes is an apprenticeship on a topical theme, which will involve all your employees in the development of healthy recipes. We will bring you an easy-to-make course, with mostly seasonal products, and flavors that few people know! A simple way to rub shoulders in a different activity, to strengthen ties, and to bring cohesion to a group. Contact us, we are full of ideas for your desires!

  • Lunchtime or evening service
  • Customization of recipes

Quick quote

(ideal from 6 to 15 people – places: your company or place privatized for the occasion)

Le Chat Biotté

Tél. : 26 53 07 20 – commande@lechatbiotte.lu

Well-Being Conference

Our well-being conferences, accessible to all, last from 1h30 to 2h. They take place in three parts: speaking time for speakers, a question/answer session before ending with a tasting (fruit, juice, etc.). Thanks to our speakers with a hygienic approach, you will learn the basics of a healthy diet. Examples of topics we can cover:
  • the nutritional bases (carbohydrates, amino acids, trace elements and their usefulness)
    • how to read labels
    • the composition of a healthy and balanced diet
    • foods to ban
    • different health plans
Our conferences can take place at any time of the day, directly in your company and from 20 people. A flipchart and a video projector that you will have provided will help us run the session smoothly.

Other stakeholders can also accompany us at your request: chiropractor, sophrologist, author of books on health.