The mercuriale: selection of fruits and vegetables of the week 47

The decision to consume organic often begins with the purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables. Select our seasonal products, and let yourself be surprised by our wide variety of choices


Final list every Tuesday noon

Avocado Hass Mini - ES
Shiny Khaki Rojo - ES
Banana - DOC
Clementine Demeter - IT
Passion fruit - CO
Ginger - CN
Grenade Hizac - TR
Red Kiwi - IT
Green kiwi - IT
Kiwi gold - IT
Kumquat - ES
Lemon Yellow - ES
Hulled walnuts - FR
Mango Kent - PE
Pear Conference - BE
Pear Uta - DE
Apple Allurel - ALL
Apple Topaz - ALL
Orange Moro - IT
Orange Navel - ES
Pomelo Red Star Ruby - ES


Final list every Tuesday noon

Garlic - ES
Chioggia beet - FR
Carrot Purple Haze - aLL
Parsnip - FR
Turnip - FR
Oyster mushroom - ALL
Alsace sauerkraut 1kg - FR
Cauliflower - IT
Sugarloaf - ALL
Red onions - ALL
Yellow Onion - ALL
Red Lettuce - FR
Potato (Assortment of rare varieties) - ALL
Sweet potato - ALL
Bunch radish - IT

Nota Bene

We reserve the right to change the composition of the boots depending on the arrivals.